Chinees Government Scholarship
73 / 100

Chinese Government Scholarship – Apply before 18th Jan, 2021

Below list is for the agency number which is required to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship.

This is a great opportunity shouldn’t be missed for all those who are unemployeed or students looking for higher education.

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University NameAgency Number
Aba Teachers College Agency Number10646
Agricultural University of Hebei Agency Number10086
Akzo vocational and technical College Agency Number13093
Anglo-Chinese College Agency Number12708
Anhui Agricultural University Agency Number10364
Anhui Audit Vocational College Agency Number13849
Anhui Broadcasting Movie And Television College Agency Number13062
Anhui Business College of Vocational Technology Agency Number12072
Anhui Business Vocational College Agency Number13340
Anhui China-Australia Technology and Vocational College Agency Number13341
Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Agency Number10369
Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Agency Number12924
Anhui Communications Vocational & Technical College Agency Number12816
Anhui Eletrical Engineering Professional Technique College Agency Number13336
Anhui Finance & Trade Vocational College Agency Number13845
Anhui Foreign Language College Agency Number13065
Anhui Industry Polytechnic Agency Number13852
Anhui Institute of International Business Agency Number13846
Anhui International Business and Economics College(AIBEC) Agency Number12326
Anhui International Economy College Agency Number14132
Anhui Lvhai Vocational College of Business Agency Number14133
Anhui Medical College Agency Number12925
Anhui Medical University Agency Number10366
Anhui Normal University Agency Number10370
Anhui Occupatinoal College of City Management Agency Number13338
Anhui Police College Agency Number13847
Anhui Post and Telecommunication College Agency Number13851
Anhui Professional&Technical Institute Of Athletics Agency Number12817
Anhui Sanlian University Agency Number10959
Anhui Science and Technology University Agency Number10879
Anhui Technical College of Industry and Economy Agency Number12334
Anhui Technical College of Mechanical and Electronical Engineering Agency Number13339
Anhui Technical College of Water Resource and Hydroelectric Power Agency Number12073
Anhui University Agency Number10357
Anhui University of Architecture Agency Number10878
Anhui University of Finance and Economics Agency Number10378
Anhui University of Science and Technology Agency Number10361
Anhui University of Technology Agency Number10360
Anhui University of Technology and Science Agency Number10363
Anhui Vocactional & Technical College of Industry & Trade Agency Number12811
Anhui Vocational and Technical College Agency Number10869
Anhui Vocational College of Art Agency Number13346
Anhui Vocational College of Electronics & Information Technology Agency Number12814
Anhui Vocational College of Metallurgy and Technology Agency Number13337
Anhui Vocational College of National Defense Science and Technology Agency Number13344
Anhui Vocational College of Police Officers Agency Number12219
Anhui Vocational College of Technology of Press and Publication Agency Number13850
Anhui Vocatonal & Technical College Of Forestry Agency Number13848
Anhui Wonder University Of Infromation Engineering Agency Number12810
Anhui Xinhua University Agency Number12216
Ankang University Agency Number11397
Ankang Vocational and Technical College Agency Number13952
Anqing Medical and Pharmaceutical Agency Number14096
Anqing Teachers College Agency Number10372
Anqing Vocational & Technical College Agency Number13345
Anshan High Vocational College Agency Number11036
Anshan Normal University Agency Number10169
Anshun University Agency Number10667
Anshun Vocational and Technical College Agency Number12821
Anyang Institute of Technology Agency Number11330
Anyang Normal University Agency Number10479
Baicheng Medical College Agency Number13743
Baicheng Normal University Agency Number10206
Baicheng Vocational & Technical College Agency Number14107
Baise University Agency Number10609
Baise Vocational College Agency Number14068
Baoding Science Vocational College Agency Number13391
Baoding University Agency Number10096
Baoding Vocational & Technical College Agency Number12543
Baoji University of Arts and Sciences Agency Number10721
Baoji vocational technology college Agency Number13567
Baoshan College of Chinese Medicine Agency Number14014
Baoshan Teachers College Agency Number10686
Baotou Iron and Steel Vocational Technical College Agency Number13864
Baotou Light Industry Vocational Technical College Agency Number10671
Baotou Railway Vocational & Technical College Agency Number14187
Baotou Vocational & Technical College Agency Number12057
BaYin GuoLeng Technology College Agency Number13094
Beifang Ethnic University Agency Number11407
Beihai Hongyuan Football Vocational College Agency Number13525
Beihai Vocational College Agency Number13523
Beihai Vocational Institute of Art and Design Agency Number13524
Beihang University Agency Number10006
Beihua University Agency Number10201
Beijing Bailie University Agency Number13728
Beijing City University Agency Number11418