PEC Chairman Emphasizes Role of Engineers in Promoting 'Made in Pakistan' Products 2024
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PEC Chairman Emphasizes Role of Engineers in Promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ Products

Promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ products is crucial for the country’s economic growth and self-reliance. In this endeavor, engineers play a pivotal role. The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Chairman, Engr. Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, emphasized this during his recent address at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

PEC Chairman’s Vision

Engr. Najeeb Haroon, speaking to the business and industrial community at FCCI, underscored the necessity of including engineers in the decision-making processes at the highest levels. He stressed the importance of establishing an import substitution industry and promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ products. This, he believes, can significantly enhance the quality and employability of registered engineers.

Enhancing Engineer Employability

To boost the employability of young engineers, PEC has launched a six-month internship program. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical industry experience. By placing young engineers in industries, PEC ensures they gain valuable hands-on experience, which helps them understand engineering intricacies and develop cost-effective solutions.

Importance of Industrial Internships

Industrial internships are a win-win for both young engineers and industrialists. While PEC pays the stipends, the industries benefit from the fresh perspectives and innovative solutions that young engineers bring. This practical exposure is invaluable for budding engineers as they transition from academia to professional careers.

Funding Innovative Projects

Innovation is at the heart of PEC’s mission. Last year, PEC funded 250 research projects. This year, that number has increased to 600, with plans to fund approximately 1,000 projects next year in collaboration with universities. These initiatives aim to foster a robust research culture in Pakistan, driving technological and scientific advancements.

Encouraging Professional Development

Engr. Haroon urged industrialists to encourage their engineers to renew their PEC memberships. Professional development is crucial for career growth, and staying updated with PEC’s offerings can open new avenues for engineers. Renewing membership ensures that engineers remain part of a professional community that provides continuous learning and development opportunities.

Engineering’s Role in National Development

Reflecting on his own career, Engr. Haroon noted that despite significant growth in the number of engineers, Pakistan remains at the same developmental stage it was decades ago. He attributed this stagnation to the collective failure of his generation to drive progress. With 255,000 engineers in the country, there’s immense potential to catalyze an industrial revolution by harnessing their skills and expertise.

Technological Advancements

The last two decades have seen unprecedented technological and scientific growth globally. Pakistani engineers must capitalize on these advancements to propel the country forward. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, Pakistan can compete on the global stage and boost its economic output.

Fostering Engineer-Industrialist Relationships

Engr. Haroon emphasized the need for closer relationships between engineers and industrialists. Collaboration between these groups can lead to innovative solutions and improved industrial processes. Success stories from such collaborations can serve as blueprints for future projects, highlighting the mutual benefits of working together.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

Young engineers should not just seek jobs but also consider becoming entrepreneurs. Engr. Haroon highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth. PEC provides support and resources for engineers looking to start their own ventures, encouraging them to innovate and create job opportunities.

International Recognition

Pakistan’s engineering degrees are recognized globally, thanks to PEC’s membership in the Washington Accord. This international recognition opens up numerous career opportunities for Pakistani engineers, allowing them to work and excel anywhere in the world.

PEC’s Strategic Initiatives

PEC has undertaken several strategic initiatives to support the engineering community. It has presented eight study reports on various sectors, including energy, to the federal government. Additionally, PEC has introduced new certification courses like the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and arbitration and mediation courses recognized by the UK.

Advocacy for Separate Engineering Services

Engr. Haroon also discussed the proposal for separate engineering services within the civil structure of Pakistan. Although the Senate has approved this initiative, there are still hurdles to overcome before it becomes a reality. Recognizing engineering as a separate service would elevate the profession and ensure that engineers have a dedicated pathway in the civil service.

FCCI’s Role and Contributions

Senior Vice President FCCI, Dr. Sajjad Arshad, welcomed the guests and highlighted the chamber’s contributions. With 10,000 members representing over 100 trades, sectors, and subsectors, FCCI plays a significant role in the local and national economy. Dr. Arshad mentioned that FCCI’s efforts are focused on resolving sector-specific issues and promoting the industrial growth of Faisalabad.


The collaboration between engineers and industrialists is vital for the promotion of ‘Made in Pakistan’ products and the overall economic development of the country. By fostering innovation, enhancing employability, and encouraging entrepreneurship, Pakistan can harness the full potential of its engineering talent. It’s time for engineers to take a proactive role in shaping the nation’s future, and for industrialists to support and collaborate with them in this mission.


Why is promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ products important? Promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ products boosts the local economy, reduces dependence on imports, and creates jobs within the country.

How does PEC support young engineers? PEC offers internship programs, funds innovative projects, and provides professional development opportunities to enhance the employability and skills of young engineers.

What is the Washington Accord? The Washington Accord is an international agreement that recognizes engineering degrees from member countries, allowing graduates to work globally.

How can industrialists benefit from collaborating with engineers? Collaborating with engineers can lead to innovative solutions, improved industrial processes, and increased competitiveness in the global market.

What are the benefits of renewing PEC membership for engineers? Renewing PEC membership ensures continuous professional development, access to new opportunities, and staying connected with the engineering community.


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