This introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders is a Web-based course that provides an “awareness level” overview of hydrogen for fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical personnel. This multimedia tutorial acquaints first responders with hydrogen, its basic properties, and how it compares to other familiar fuels; hydrogen use in fuel cells for transportation and stationary power; potential hazards; initial protective actions should a responder witness an incident; and supplemental resources including videos, supporting documents, and links relevant to hydrogen safety.


Section 1:  Hydrogen Basics

Section 2: Transport & Storage

Section 3: Hydrogen Vehicles

Section 4: Hydrogen Dispensing

Section 5: Stationary Facilities

Section 6: Emergency Response

What you’ll learn

-Understand the properties of hydrogen, how it compares to other fuels, and the safety mechanisms of hydrogen systems
– Recognize and identify hydrogen vehicles, stationary power generators, storage containers, and refueling equipment
-Identify typical ignition sources and other potential hazards
-Execute initial “awareness-level” response actions

Center for Hydrogen Safety

This course is presented by the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS). CHS is a global oriented non-profit dedicated to promoting hydrogen safety and best practices worldwide.

The CHS identifies and addresses concerns regarding the safe use of hydrogen:

  • As a sustainable energy carrier
  • In commercial and industrial applications
  • In hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

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