Detailed Enhancement List in Version 2014

  • You can now use dynamic pipe supports in CADWorx. This functionality is intelligent and allows you to change pipe supports in the drawing with either a plus grip; or by using the Replace Pipe Support option.
  • ou can now use a single dialog box to perform and receive center of gravity (COG) calculations for all components. You can add additional COG points to the model to accommodate the non-CADWorx objects as well.
  • You can now define the Bill of Material (BOM) mark point and the Center of Gravity (COG) location after running a Generic Attach.
  • You can now view enhanced views of bolts, gaskets, and welds for better real world displays of a model.
  • You can now route a branch off of a reducer with the newly added routing plus grip. This accommodates vent drains and instrument taps.
  • You can now use CADWorx 2014 to interface with CAESAR II 2013 for your workflow projects. The interface was improved to include the latest release of CAESAR II.
  • You can now add Custom Data in the Specification Editor to all tables and to all project information. This information can then be seen in many areas of the software, including the following:
    • CEDIT and GCEDIT
    • Live Database
    • Bill of Material
    • Filter in line isolate
  • You can now use the line isolation feature to invert a selected isolation, as well as to create filtering schemes using the Line View Isolation Properties Manager. With this manager, you can create specific isolation schemes and save them for later use. You can assign a new Configuration Setting, LineViewIsolationSettingsFile, to use one of these filtering scheme files as a default for the drawing.
  • You can enable the RepeatFile feature in I-Configure or Project Manager to have CADWorx retain the original numbering for BOM, welds, and sheets when running an Isometric drawing. When modifications are made, the repeatability feature enables CADWorx to output the same drawing as previous with the modifications added.
  • OrthoGen for CADWorx is a new offering from Intergraph. You can now generate the orthographic drawing based on a configuration selection directly inside of CADWorx with the click of an icon.
  • You can now apply a new rule in CADWorx to control the placement of O-lets and Couplings preventing the overlap of welds.
  • You can now add required intelligence to any position in a CADWorx model using the Nozzle Generic Attach feature.
  • You can now specify to have information that changed in a database highlighted on the model when you synchronize the model by setting the SyncOnStartUp variable in Configuration Settings to Synchronize With Changes Review. This functionality simplifies the approval and review of changed data.
  • Spec Editor Enhancements
    • Formulas in the User Fields
      • You can now use formulas within the catalog in CADWorx 2014 user fields.
    • Import and Export LD, SD, TAG, PN Schemas
      • You can now save and reuse schemas for Long Descriptions, Short Descriptions, Tags, and Part Numbers using the new Import and Export features that appear within dialog boxes.
    • Component-Level LD, SD, TAG, and PN Descriptions
      • You can now add descriptions down to the component level.
    • Custom User Field Enhancements
      • You can now add Custom Data in the Specification Editor to all tables and to all project information. This is significant in that now custom data can be added at the component level.
    • Import SmartPlant Reference Data Specs
      • You can now import Smart Plant Reference Data specification and use them directly in CADWorx 2014. This functionality allows you to develop projects with Smart Plant, PDS, or CADWorx, and use the same specifications. Create catalogs for these specifications upon import of the specifications.
    • DBCODES table with Index added to Catalog Editor
      • You can now create new DBCodes and IndexCodes, as well as import existing DAT files. Add these codes to any Part Number Schema.
    • Copy Records from  Specifications
      • You can now copy component records from one specification to another or within the same specification. Use this copy/paste feature to save time by producing one record and then copying it to all specifications necessary.



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